The eStick

The eStick is one of the best personal vaporizers on the market today.

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eStick Features

A personal vaporizer packed with punch.

Huge Vapor

The eStick’s dual coil atomizers produce huge vapor again and again

Massive Tank

The eStick Atomizer holds up to 2 mls of your favorite eJuice and has a screw-tight seal

650 MAH Battery

Your eStick is powered by a massive 650 MAH battery. This eStick has lots of power!

Wholesale Pricing

Competitive Pricing

Interested in ordering wholesale?  We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry.
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What our customers say

“I love this estick! Works great, produces awesome vapor, battery lasts all day, and it is so easy to use. I thought it would be a hard transition going from cigarettes to this, but it really isn’t. My boyfriend ordered another brand, and within a month it started falling apart and not working. He saw how well mine works and how happy I was with it, and now he is switching to one like this. Love it!

Crystal M | Designer

“Your eCig is awesome. I tried this at my mom’s house and have been vaping it ever since. This is by far the best eCig on the market. Green smoke was ok, but after trying this, I won’t be interested in trying others.  You found a long time customer.  Thank you!

John S | Sales Director

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