Dual Coil Atomizer

The key to eStick’s huge vapor is the dual coil atomizer available in seven delicious colors. This is a serious atomizer for the serious vaporist and holds up to 2 mls of your favorite eLiquid. The dual coil ensures high heat to create massive vapor again and again.


Easy To Refill

Simply unscrew the mouthpiece of your eStick and drip in your favorite eJuice. Screw on the mouthpiece and you are ready to vape. Its that simple!


Massive Tank

The eStick dual coil atomizer holds a whopping 2 mls of your best e-liquid to keep you vaping all day long!


 7 Delicious Colors

The eStick dual coil atomizer is available in seven delicious colors including blueberry, strawberry, lime, grape, lemon, clear and smokey!

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