eStick Accessories

eStick accessories help you customize your eStick to your personal liking. eStick accessories are fun and there is a great combination of accessories for every vapor enthusiast!


eStick Batteries

The eStick battery line includes both 650 and 1100 MAH batteries in both black and stainless. the eStick battery is famous for being a long lasting battery and comes in an LCD option and a USB Pass-thru option.


 eStick Chargers & Adapters

The eStick is charged either with an eStick USB charger for most batteries, or a USB Pass-thru cable for the eStick Pass-thru batteries. If you prefer to charge you eStick in a standard duplex outlet (wall outlet) you can also pick up the nifty eStick AC Adapter!


eStick Carry Cases

For those of us always on the go the eStick Carry Case is essential. We have many cases to choose from to match your charming personality, and your eStick with be kept safe and cozy when not in use!

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