Introducing the eStick

The eStick is one of the best personal vaporizers on the market today. The eStick combines the hottest dual-coil atomizer with a huge 2.0 ml Cartridge/Tank and a massive 650 MAH battery. This combination finally gives you a vaporizer that creates huge vapor,holds a charge and is packed with flavor for a long time.


Refilling Your eStick Is Easy

Filling up cartridges used to be a challenge. Sometimes you needed a needle bottle or syringe, sometimes you had to mess with leaking cartridges. Those worries and pains are all a thing of the past!

Simply unscrew the tip of your eStick and add your favorite eJuice. Screw it back on and have a taste!

The eStick Atomizer holds up to 2 mls of your favorite eJuice and has a screw-tight seal. You can fill up a few different flavors and easily carry, store and change on the go! Have a look at the eStick Accessories for carry cases, batteries and more!


The Massive 650 MAH Battery

Your eStick is powered by a massive 650 MAH battery. This eStick has lots of power!


The eStick Atomizer – HUGE Vapor

Your eLiquid is heated by a super-charged dual coil atomizer to create the ultimate heat for vaporizing eLiquid and most of your favorite eLiquids.


The eStick Starter Kit includes:

5 x eStick Atomizers

2 x eStick 650MAH Batteries

1 x USB Charger

1 x Carry Case

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